Run and Walk Clinics

Starting February 3 – April 27, 2014

Mondays at 6 pm at Duncan Christian School, 495 Beech Ave.


Stop making excuses.  Exercise is good for you!  This program will get you moving and turn your walking into a workout.  Walkers of all levels can participate.


You have always wanted to run but don’t know where to start.  This progra

m will get you moving!  You will learn about goal setting, injury prevention, nutrition, running in cold weather, running in the rain and lots more.  Join us and get moving!!


This clinic is designed to prepare you to run 10K.  Along with covering the basic topics, this program will be customized for a variety of goals including “just to finish” all the way up to running in a 10K race. Need a goal? The TC10K  on April 28 (not included with clinic fees)


This clinic is designed for runners already able to comfortably jog 10K.  With this run/walk program we will help you complete your first half marathon.  Your goal event will be the Oak Bay Half  on May 26 (not included in clinic fees).  This clinic will extend beyond the 5 & 10K clinics with Sheron from Laces Up personally coaching you for another 4 weeks.


FitWalk, Learn to Run: Early bird fee – $100 Late entry after Feb 1 – $125

5k & 10K: Early bird fee – $100   Late entry after Feb 1 – $125

Half Marathon (16 wks): Early bird fee – $132   Late entry after Feb 1 – $145


Groups of 3 or more – $5 discount each    *Drag out your Friends*


Proceeds from the 2013 Ceevacs Roadrunner Running and Walking Clinic are donated to the Cowichan Sportsplex5k & 10 k photos  Ceevacs Clinic Practice 5k & 10k Results 



 How to register:

  • Online click here (activated soon)

  • Mail-in entry click here (activated soon)

  • Or, drop-off at the Cowichan Sportsplex (available soon)

 Your training will include:

  • Run Walk Training
  • Group Support
  • Tec Running T-shirt
  • Windup Social
  • 10% off at Frontrunners
  • Guest Speakers
  • Opportunity to win running shoes!

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 For more information contact:

  • For registration information contact Sandra
  • For coaching information contact Sheron
  • For general information contact Janine