Welcome to the world of triathlon…

The Ceevacs Roadrunners Club may have started as a running club, but over time, more and more members have taken to triathlon. As the newly appointed Triathlon Director, Rob Grant, I’m here to let you know we are developing the triathlon aspect of our Club.

We are a grass-roots, community minded running and triathlon club with a number of members willing to share their knowledge and experience.

Whether you are new or have competed in many triathlons, Ceevacs is a friendly, encouraging club whose members feed off each other…we cheer, teach, learn and inspire.

As a community club, we celebrate the journey, the achievements, and most of all, we celebrate the people. One member coined the phrase, “It takes a village to train a Rob”. My village is Ceevacs.

There are a few things brewing relating to how the Club can support our members pursue their goals. This is just the beginning as the Ceevacs Roadrunners Club take on swim/bike/run.

  • The Ceevacs Roadrunners Club is affiliated with Triathlon BC for the 2020 season.


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