Prior to participating in a Ceevacs event, I have read & agree to the waiver  Release Waiver and Indemnity
 Unless posted, dogs (pets) are not allowed at Ceevacs Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday runs & walks. Note: Pets at Ceevacs Runs 
 Tuesday Coached Sessions

  • The highly popular Ceevacs Coaching begins November 7th at the Sportsplex with  Sheron Chrysler coaching Tuesday’s at 8:00 AM and 5:30 PM. November through April.Your training options are: $40 for 3 months, $80 for 6 months, or $32 for a 8 session punch card.Please give your payment to a Ceevac Executive Member.

 Wednesday Fun Run 5:30 PM

Nov 13 – Warm-up over to Brier Rd. Workout options. Flat repeats or hills  / Cooldown back to the track.

 Saturday 8:00 AM RUN

  • November 25 – Cowichan Sportsplex
  • December 2 – * 9 am Start at the Curling Club on Sherman Road – Ceevacs Predicted Time Run & Walk
Looking for a youth club? CVAC Jaguars is a separate club from the Ceevacs Roadrunners

  • Youth to adults from age 9 years and up
  • Check out the  CVAC Jaguars